Project Areas and Work Achievement

Based on social impact creation, we contribute to make a sustainable society with innovative changes in various scales, areas and businesses from small communities, middle-sized towns and cities to large cities. By linking with diverse providers inside and outside the company, we keep developing in order to make our mission possible.


Realizing a sustainable society

Regional innovative changes

Innovation in large cities

Enhancing the social impact on corporate investment

  • - Area and business strategies of railway companies
  • - Cross-sector collaboration and a stepwise urban regeneration in Fukuoka
  • - Promoting industrial development strategies and leading projects in Shibuya
  • - Area management and creation of new public spaces in Shibuya
  • - Creation of innovation platforms in large cities
Innovation in medium-size cities

Creating "new public" with public-private partnership projects

  • - Area renovation and leading projects in Fukui
  • - Making new schemes of regional real estate investment and asset management
Innovation in small communities

Creating impact effects small social projects

  • - Regional revitalization strategies and a Food Hub as leading projects in Kamiyama Town
  • - Formulating the circulation of agriculture and food in Hisayama Town
  • - Developing and operating the local interaction for the renewal of housing in suburbs

Creating a social impact

  • - Creating guidelines for nationwide area management
  • - Creating guidelines to carry out and promote the SDGs in Asia

International benchmarks

  • - Cooperation in diversity by using Japanese characteristics
  • - Mutual leaning between Japan, overseas regions, as well as experts.

Clients’ business fields

We have been working with clients from various business fields related to the regions.






Real Estate

Academic research

Public service



Coordinating skillsbetween people from various and diverse business fields and scales.

In the projects we designed, all the related people from various business fields and sizes are protagonists. We get involved with them and talk to them, with their different backgrounds and points of view until we understand their true opinions. We provide the basis to create and work together as a team beyond individual profit. With the concept of ‘a sustainable system opens up the future’, we seek probabilities for towns and cities, as well as organizations then promote the projects.

Accumulatingknow-how for project designs

"How can we build up an organization for industry-academia-government-citizen’s collaboration?", "We want to set up a regional strategy", "Please support us for executing an international project"... we receive such various inquiries from simple to complex and difficult projects from clients. We reveal and analyze each request one by one and design the projects with a specialist network inside and outside the country. We are highly skilled and have accumulated know-how.

Uniting memberswho have diverse backgrounds, strengths, and experience.

Our members have various backgrounds such as urban planning, architecture, regional development, environment, education as well as media. The residence and working places of our members are all over the world, including Japan, the U.S., Switzerland, Australia and Malaysia. This diversity makes us flexible to work in various projects.


We design effective businesses by focusing on research and management.

For strategies and businesses, in either domain, implementation is the most essential. We design the policies and systems by considering the operators who implement them.



  • - Setting up problems
  • - Setting up concepts
  • - Creating a future vision
  • - Supporting to make policies
  • - Making implementation plans


  • - Setting up concepts
  • - System design
  • - Forming a business entity
  • - Policy discussion support
  • - Business promotion management


  • - Data analysis
  • - Field observations
  • - Interviews
  • - Benchmarking

In addition to sorting out quantitative and qualitative scientific evidence and obtaining tacit knowledge with interviews, we compare and refer to domestic and foreign trends to expand our vision.


  • - Formulating communities
  • - Making teams
  • - Communication support
  • - Learning support (such as seminars)

We form an implementation team with stakeholders from regional communities and support them for communication inside and outside the regions. At the same time, we provide them with learning programs so that the regions can run projects on their own in the future.


To maximize real results, we design the projects and promote them by carefully talking to clients.


We support communication to encourage people’s cooperation, as well as providing them with seminars to develop strategic and business skills in the regions.


To identify essential problems, we check the real situation and listen to clients’ opinions and concerns carefully.


We design work based on budgets, time and constraints.We support clients for obtaining resources outside regions as needed.


Setting up a hypothesis of designs, we also figure out information for the design by combining methods such as data analysis, field observations, interviews with related people, as well as benchmarking domestic and foreign cases.


We closely communicate with related people so as to design regional strategies and businesses.Through this procedure, we share our vision and form implementation leader groups, in order to set a path to make policies and for commercialization.


Carrying out risk management with social experiments and prototyping, we support the steady promotion of strategies and businesses.