News of publishing a book ‘Kamiyama Shinkaron (Kamiyama evolution)’


The book of ‘Kamiyama Shinkaron (Kamiyama evolution)’, written by Seiji Kanda and published by Gakugei Shuppan-Sha, was published. The book contains ongoing documents which were written by interviewing over 100 players in Kamiyama Town, Tokushima Prefecture.

The book was edited based on the series of the columns, ‘The Challenge of Kamiyama Town’, which were published 52 times in the evening newspaper edited by the Osaka head office of the Asahi Shimbun. The book also includes the latest situation in the Town along with the additional interviews. Goto and Moriyama from our company also appear in the book. Please take a look.

Kamiyama Shinkaron (Kamiyama evolution)’ written by Seiji Kanda, published by the Gakugei Shuppan-Sha publisher (external link)