Establishing a basement of Industry-Academia-Government-Citizen Collaboration and managing it

Fukuoka Directive Council (Fukuoka D.C.)

Fukuoka Directive Council (Fukuoka D.C.)

Designing and promoting strategies as an executive director of the Fukuoka D.C.

To enhance international competitiveness in urban district in Fukuoka, Fukuoka Directive Council (Fukuoka D.C.) was founded in 2011 as an industry-academia-government-citizen’s collaboration organization. The Fukuoka D.C. is the Think & Do tank which provides one stop service from designing growth strategies until promoting it. Goto worked for the establishment of the Fukuoka D.C. and became the first executive director. After making growth strategies in the area, he managed all the promoting activities.

Back up support for the management of the new council

After resigning from the position of the executive director in 2014, Goto started supporting them as an advisor. In 2013, the chairman of the council changed, Goto gave a backup support for the new chairman and the executive director so that they can work smoothly. We established the management of the new council focusing on enhancing the relations with Fukuoka City.

Photo credit: Fukuoka City

Project Member

Taichi Goto

Region Works LLC Founder / President / Executive Director

Building up a new model of the Japanese regional management in Fukuoka

With my working experience in the METRO Council in the Portland metropolitan area and mutually learning with operators of urban governance in each country in the world, I put my thoughts into the establishment of the Fukuoka D.C. and its management; establishing a real sustainable system by taking advantage of the regional characteristics, without depending on specific individuals too much. Seeing the Fukuoka D.C. has a wonderful leader and colleagues and keeps developing although the generation is changing, I believe that my goals at that time have mostly been achieved at a high level. I would like to show gratitude and respect to those who worked for it.