Cooperating for the real estate investment business in the rural areas

GENKAI Capital Management Co., Ltd.

GENKAI Capital Management Co., Ltd.

Being an adviser of the independent real estate investment management company

GENKAI Capital Management Co., Ltd. is the independent real estate investment management company which was established in 2006 in Fukuoka. Currently, the company is located in Fukuoka and Tokyo for the business of real estate fund management, asset management and real estate advisory services. The President, Masatoshi Matsuo, aims to develop his hometown Fukuoka and other rural cities through real estate investment. We received a request from Mr. Matsuo for consulting services regarding the real estate and investment businesses.

Giving advice regarding the regional concrete cases

From 2014, we have held a study meeting monthly. Above all, we focused on the public space and buildings and we summarized ideas regarding public building and private sector redevelopment in Kyushu. As one of the cases, we co-participated in the competition to use the site of the Former Daimyo Elementary School in Fukuoka City.

                               Photo credit : Fukuoka City

Project Member

Taichi Goto

Region Works LLC Founder / President / Executive Director

In the real estate financial market in Japan, there is a high density in Tokyo. Meanwhile, in the other regions, it is difficult to foster human resources and this causes problems in regional management. We understood our client's thoughts of developing the new real estate investment business based on using public resources. We are working on creating a new standard through the concrete cases.