Tsuyoshi Aizawa

Director / Plan-A, President

Lives in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. Engaged in sales improvement work with a major household goods brand. After working on the management improvement of the museum, he chose career in developer field. As a developer, where he belongs to the president’s office, he was active in various fields such as real estate development, overseas business scheme construction and PR / PR, sales strategy, business planning, product development, and renovation. Among them, he worked on many of Japan’s first initiatives, including the development of Yokohama City’s largest eco-town, and became independent in 2018. At present, he is consulting and developing new business for a major home appliance company, real estate company and major IT company. He is also working on place making, designing cities with rail road company and local government, and plays role as a director of NPO as well.

“I feel that people are seeking emotional aspect of life as a counter reaction to the world which is becoming too rationalized, so i put my emphasis on “emotional” side, too.